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Welcome to the creative network where artist michelle brown will be offering several online workshops. Grab your brushes and let's CREATE!!


how things generally work

once i have received your payment for a class, you will receive  within 24hrs an email inviting you to join the class....this is sent to you paypal email. you click on the link in that email and it should take you straight to the class page.

if your email for this group is different from your pay pal please let me know

please also check your spam as sometimes the invites end up there...

All of the lessons are yours to keep and you can print them to work from or pretty much do anything except share them with someone else. You’re free to work on the project at your convenience. You don’t have to be at your computer at a specific time on a particular day, and it’s the same for working on that week’s part of the project - you do it when you have the time.
If you have questions or want to chat with the other students you can login to the class forums. This is where all of the discussion for the class takes place. It’s totally voluntary – you don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to.
Questions? Comments? Please email me

All workshop materials are copyrighted by michelle brown and are not for public distribution.



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Linda Powell posted a status
"wow Kathy you are the first i have heard who received a link to the class. How did you get it done?"
Jun 28
Lorraine Kendel commented on michelle/mitsi brown's page POPPY MASTERCLASS
"Please send me my email invitation to the course.  I have already paid for it. Lorraine"
Jun 28
Kathy commented on michelle/mitsi brown's page POPPY MASTERCLASS
"I actually received my email invitation to the course.  I followed the link and registered my username and password and now have access to the poppy class."
Jun 28
Sheila Atchley commented on michelle/mitsi brown's page POPPY MASTERCLASS
"Still nothing.  I paid for this class three weeks ago.  Have tried to contact the artist multiple times, on every venue (FB, email, here...)....nothing.  I think a lot of people are out of luck.  "
Jun 27
Kathy posted a status
"Ok Ive got into the poppy class please disregard my messages :)"
Jun 27
Kathy commented on michelle/mitsi brown's page POPPY MASTERCLASS
"Please send me my invitation for this class as I have paid for it - thanks :)"
Jun 26
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Jun 22
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Jun 22

worksop policies

*In order to participate in online workshop offered , you must register here first.

You will need a highspeed internet connection to download the videos and have a basic understanding of things such as downloading and playing videos on your computer. These skills will not be taught in the classes.

Please note that a refund can be given any time before any of the workshops start. However, during the course, no refunds can be issued.

All material & videos posted in the workshop groups are copyright ©Michelle Brown  and should not be distributed to the public.


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